Introducing Muqadas Arshad, a skilled MBBS Doctor with a diverse background across various medical disciplines. Muqadas has accumulated valuable experience in Gynaecology & Obstetrics, General Surgery, General Medicine, and Nephrology departments, showcasing her versatility in addressing a wide spectrum of medical concerns.

Currently serving as a Medical Officer at Lifeline Rehab, Muqadas brings her extensive medical expertise to the forefront of rehabilitation and healthcare. Her role is pivotal in ensuring comprehensive medical care for individuals seeking support, particularly within the unique context of addiction rehabilitation.

Muqadas Arshad stands as a dedicated professional within the Lifeline Rehab team, committed to providing holistic and effective medical interventions. Her broad medical foundation, coupled with a focus on individualized care, aligns seamlessly with the center’s mission of fostering health and recovery.

As part of the multidisciplinary approach at Lifeline Rehab, Muqadas’s role goes beyond conventional medical care. Her commitment reflects not only a dedication to medical excellence but also a profound interest in the overall well-being of individuals undergoing rehabilitation.

In her ongoing journey as a Medical Officer, Muqadas Arshad remains steadfast in her commitment to providing compassionate and effective medical care, contributing significantly to Lifeline Rehab’s mission of promoting health and recovery for every individual in their care.

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