Dr Younas (Consultant Psychiatrist)

Dr. Khwaja Younas Orakzai, with his extensive background and qualifications in psychiatry, contributes significantly to Lifeline Rehab, where he currently serves as a Psychiatrist. In his role at Lifeline Rehab, Dr.
Younas employs a holistic and patient-centered approach to address mental health issues. He leverages his diverse experience, including his tenure at the 
Ex-Government Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, to provide comprehensive care to individuals seeking rehabilitation.

As a dedicated professional, Dr. Younas plays a crucial role in the multidisciplinary team at Lifeline Rehab, collaborating with other healthcare professionals to design tailored treatment plans for each patient. His expertise extends to various aspects of psychiatry, and he brings a wealth of knowledge in Mood Disorders, as well as his international training in DCP PSYCH from Ireland.

Moreover, Dr. Younas has experience as the former Head of the Psychiatry Unit at DHQ Charsada and Sarkad Hospital in Peshawar, showcasing his leadership and organizational skills. His past role as the Incharge of the Psychiatry Unit at the Central Prison Hospital in Peshawar reflects his commitment to providing mental health services in diverse settings.

Overall, Dr. Khwaja Younas Orakzai’s current engagement with Lifeline Rehab exemplifies his dedication to fostering mental well-being, combining his rich background, international training, and practical experience to make a positive impact on the lives of those seeking rehabilitation and support.

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