Mr Fazal Wahid (CEO Lifeline Rehab)

Mr. Fazal Wahid is a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist and esteemed Addiction Specialist, currently serving as the CEO/Founder of Lifeline. His academic journey includes a master’s degree in Psychology, followed by an MS in Addiction Sciences from the renowned King’s College London

In addition to his academic achievements, Mr. Fazal holds the distinction of being an esteemed Executive Member of the American Psychological Association. His professional credentials include certifications from globally recognized institutions such as Vital Smarts America and Hazelden Betty Ford.

With a remarkable career spanning 15 years, Mr. Fazal has demonstrated leadership in national and international organizations, guiding them to new heights of success. In 2017, he founded Lifeline Rehab Islamabad, a venture that rapidly ascended to the industry’s pinnacle within just 6 to 7 years.

Under Mr. Fazal’s leadership, Lifeline has become synonymous with quality, seamlessly blending into the fabric of luxury. His expertise has garnered attention on national television and radio platforms, where he passionately discusses matters related to addiction and parenting.

Additionally, prestigious universities have hosted his insights, with Mr. Wahid conducting seminars on the intricacies of addiction within their hallowed halls. His profound impact on the field is a testament to his commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those dealing with addiction issues.



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